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Welcome to The Ranew Insurance Agency

Ranew Insurance Agency is well known in our area for providing prompt, efficient service at a very competitive price. Price alone does not equal value. Value is achieved from a full line of quality service, competitive pricing, and top notch rated insurance companies. Ultimately, we know that the results of our efforts will be determined only after a loss has occurred. We have experienced catastrophes alongside our clients. We treat each and every client as a unique opportunity.

• Experience

We could not have achieved our success if it were not for the experienced staff we employ. Ranew has been active in Brevard since 1980 and several of our staff are professionals with as much as 40 years experience. We have been through it all over the decades. Whether it be personal insurance or commercial insurance, Ranew has the ability to handle it all.

• Expertise

We have the ability to service virtually any client no matter the type of business or size of the business. We are able to understand the needs of a business and make recommendations that fit an individual account. Monitoring the changes in the insurance marketplace requires the intellect, nothing is to complex.

• Professionalism

Over the decades, our clients have grown accustomed to the professional manner in which we service their needs. these are not mere words but actions. All members of the Ranew team understand that our clients have a choice of where to purchase insurance. We expect professionalism from each of our team members everyday and they deliver.

The Ranew Insurance Value Proposition

  1. We structure comprehensive insurance programs for our customers
  2. We stand by you when a loss occurs
  3. We offer proven risk management information at your request
  4. Because you are unique, we provide insurance through companies that meet your specific needs
  5. We always provide you with certificates of insurance in a timely manner
  6. We keep you informed of insurance market changes in order for you to plan
  7. We provide you a plan for managing your account in the future

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate that what we have said is more than words but is part of our culture.

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