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Hurricane Preparedness from Ranew Insurance

Many of our customers have experienced the misfortune of hurricane damage in the past. We were there when we were needed to document losses and assist with expediting claims processing. Most of our clients have not forgotten our response in the 2005 or 2016 hurricane season, because we hear “thank you” regularly.

Prior to a storm, have a plan for where to evacuate. Make sure that residents know who to contact if they must report damage to their home. Take photos of the property before the storm, and keep copies of your insurance policies on the association and personal property. Remember to pack important medications, irreplaceable documents, and cash when evacuating, as banks and card services may not re-open for a few days after the storm. Gather the names and phone numbers of key individuals, so that they can be contacted by the claims adjustor and your agent after a claim. Communication is extremely important and having these phone numbers handy could save you time and money.

After the storm has passed, and it is safe to return to the property, take pictures of any noticeable damage to the property. Contact Ranew Insurance and discuss filing a claim with your agent. Try to separate damaged and undamaged property if possible, so that it may be inspected by a claims adjuster. Communicate with residents to determine if any additional claims need to be reported.